An Escape From Typos

You’d think that, after working at here and breathing everything Apple for decades, I’d pretty much know all there is to know about Mac OS and all the little tips and tricks of the trade. “Novice” users typically watch me in amazement when I work, asking “How’d you do that?” every minute or two. So you can imagine my surprise to stumble across something that’s likely documented somewhere, but I’ve never caught it until today. So I’m posting it to share.

It turns out that, along with the oft used feature of control-clicking a selected word to spellcheck or look up the definition of it, you can hit ‘esc’ when you’ve partially type a word, select the word from a list of words that being with the typed letters, and continue on with your writing.


Written by gsm

08/27/2007 at 11:11 am

Posted in  Miscellaneous 

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