Are You Lurking At Me?

I can’t help but wonder who’s reading these posts. I’d noticed a spike in my website hits last fall, and the stats continue to surprise me. The number of unique daily visits I’m getting here are well and above the handful or two of friends and family I’d expect to have some moderate degree of interest. Well above. I’m not even close to the ‘real world’ of active websites, where the traffic I get in a month is akin to the hits they see before 7am every day, but I’m definitely getting more eyes then I can comprehend personally knowing, let alone pairs that’d care what i have to write about on any given day.

It’s very complimentary. And a little freaky, too.

Of the 10-20 or so people i might imagine visiting this site, most have, at one time or another, left a comment or written me an email or talked to me about something I’ve written. So that leaves about 80% of the entry views being of unaccounted origin.

Some are probably casual readers, stopping by due to some misplaced search result, but I suspect there’s more. I suspect there’s people out there, friends, ex-friends, old flames, or casual acquaintances that enjoy reading my occasional rant, or more likely, enjoy watching me squirm with my own inner demons. I think they visit frequently enough, read what I have to say while standing perfectly still, breathing as quietly as possible so as not to make a sound or alert me to their presence.

Fortunately, the voices in my head tell me it’s just my imagination. And I trust them. Well, all but one of them, anyway.


PS: Bonus points to the first person to comment on and identify the actor and movie the image for this post is taken from.

Written by gsm

08/23/2007 at 8:08 am

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  1. Hey Geoff — I see you use Google Analytics. Have you looked at the referrers reports? For me the vast majority of traffic I get is from random searches on Google and other search engines — people searching for things like “cheap zoo passes sunnyvale” and happening to find some blog article of mine that contains all four words. So it’s not surprising those people don’t stay long or comment.

    Stephen Mack

    08/27/2007 at 2:38 pm

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