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Time for a new website header image, and this is a personal favorite for many reasons. This was taken from a single engine Cessna back around 1988 or so. I was working at a company call “21st Century Products”; a distributor of haircare and salon products like shampoo, conditioner and such. My boss was Jack Marks, a man I consider a dear friend to this day. He’d invited me to join his older son and he on a plane flight with his son’s friend who had his flying license, or was racking air miles, or something along that nature. So we met early in the morning at some airport around Fremont, and flew out to some remote airport where we walked through an old Ghost Town to some place for lunch and flew back.

All those details are foggy. But what I do remember are three very distinct events. One of which was the decision to fly into Yosemite Valley and “buzz” Half Dome. It’s apparently not kosher to do so, or perhaps even illegal, but we did it anyway, and it was incredible. We flew right over the top…. close enough that when I looked down all i saw was the granite surface below and a sudden drop as we crossed over the face and looked down into the valley. It remains one of my “deathbed moments” to this day. This photo was shot as we were circling around above it.

The other two distinct memories? Doing a momentary “free fall” that caused my camera to fly out of my hands but be caught by the experienced and aware son of Jack. And buzzing a nearby dam, where we skimmed above the water and pulled up at the last minute to avoid colliding with the cement dam at the last minute.

And yes, I literally did fall to my knees and kiss the ground when we landed :-)


Written by gsm

07/28/2007 at 9:35 am

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