This or That?

Something tickled loose a piece of mental lint recently, and I started thinking about the numerous “X” or “Y” questions that occasionally come up in casual conversations. Coke or Pepsi. Mac or Windows. Boxers or Briefs. You know the drill. So for grins and giggles I thought I’d capture those I can remember and have an opinion on. Let me know if I missed any classics.

Coke Pepsi
Windows Mac
Ginger Mary Anne
Boxers Briefs
Family Guy The Simpsons
Beer Wine
The Beatles The Rolling Stones

Written by gsm

05/30/2007 at 8:08 am

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  1. Coke vs Pepsi : neither, water
    WIndows vs Mac : Mac
    Boxers vs Briefs : Briefs
    Family Guy vs Simpsons : Family Guy
    The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones : The Beatles
    Beer vs Wine : Both


    05/30/2007 at 8:58 am

  2. Forgot one
    Ginger vs Mary Anne : Mary Anne


    05/30/2007 at 9:25 am

  3. Zeppelin or Who
    Air Supply or Joe Cocker
    Hockey or Soccer
    Cabernet or Pinot (there is no middle ground – Merlot is an abomination)
    Zin or Syrah
    Syrah or Shiraz
    Laces or Velcro
    Chess or Checkers
    Vinyl or CD
    Arnold or Mel
    Split-Window ’56 Vet or ’52 Buick Roadster w/Rumble Seat
    Beethoven or Mozart
    Email or Call
    Write or Type
    Tivo or death by commercial
    Skis or Snowboard
    Splenda or Sweet-n-Low
    WinMo or Palm OS
    Mouse or Command Line
    Backup or Data Roulette
    Incandescent or Compact Flourescent
    Guzzler or Hybrid
    iPod or Zune
    Wii or XBox 360
    Blu-Ray or HD DVD
    Composite Video or HDMI
    Red Sox or Yankees
    Recycle or Kill Trees
    Rat Poison or Traps
    Pull Weeds or Round-Up
    Wash Car or Car Wash
    Democrat or Republican
    Pro Choice or Pro Life
    Religious Extremesists or Godless Heathens
    Drive or Fly
    Beer or…?
    Jeans or Slacks
    Button Downs or Pullovers
    Spicey or Wimpy
    Original or Extra Crispy
    Bread or Low Carb
    Plain or Animal Style
    BBQ Sauce or Dry Rub
    Cork Screw or Pronged Opener
    French or Italian (glassware for wine)
    USB 2.0 or FireWire
    One-Button or Two-Button Mouse
    Glasses or Contacts (hey, I’m an old guy)
    Aperture or Photoshop

    I could keep going, but that would require beer…


    05/30/2007 at 12:51 pm

  4. Paper vs plastic
    Cash vs charge/credit
    Bottled or tap
    Wilma vs Betty
    Lighter vs match
    Monopoly vs Life
    AM vs FM
    AM vs PM
    PM vs FM
    White or Wheat
    Scrambled vs Fried
    New Darren vs Old Darren
    Blonde vs brunette
    1% vs 2%
    Large curd vs small curd
    Butter vs margarine
    Cube vs tub
    Tub vs aerosol can
    Tub vs shower
    Bagel vs donut (“mmm. donuts.”)
    Trapper John vs BJ Honeycut
    Major Burns vs Major Winchester
    Blake vs Potter
    Cross-dressing Klinger vs straight Klinger
    Hat hair vs wearing hat
    Open faced vs full-faced
    Iceberg vs Romaine
    Iceberg vs Titanic
    Bikini vs one-piece
    Button fly vs zipper
    Tuck in or leave out
    Working vs posting on Geoff’s blog


    05/30/2007 at 9:47 pm

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