A Greener Apple

I was pleasantly surprised last week when I stopped at the on campus café for a soda, and found new plastic cups in place of the old ones. New cups that are made from corn, and are 100% compost-able! according to the blurb on www.biodegradablestore.com

These clear corn plastic cups are 100% Compostable. With the same look and feel as clear plastic cups, our PLA cups will completely compost under commercial composting conditions in just 45-60 days.

In addition, the plastic & styrofoam food containers have also been supplemented with eco-friendly “bagasse” a “Tree-Free alternative for making paper” that comes from sugarcane stalks and is also biodegradable.

A week or two back, Steve Jobs issued a press release detailing the environmental practices and goals of the company, and it’s refreshing to find that along with ‘the big things’ being done at the manufacturing level, we’re also looking at the little things as well. It all adds up to making me feel a hell of good deal better about working here when it comes to environmental practices.


Written by gsm

05/14/2007 at 11:10 am

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