Are You Ready To Roomba?

What do you get when you combine kids, a lazy Saturday afternoon and the arrival of a robotic vacuum? Screams, running, laughter, and a clean, clean floor. I check woot.com daily for their offerings, and I’ve often thought a Roomba robotic vacuum for the house would be a great time saver and investment, so when it popped up at a great price, and after doing some due diligence in the way of research, I ordered it. It’s only been here a day, so it’s early to be touting it’s benefits and functionality, but my initial impressions have been good ones, and if this lives up to the reviews and reputations we’ll have some daily help keeping up on the dust and crumbs that come with a home and kids. Meanwhile, the kids are thrilled when it’s in motion and have named it like a pet. A pet that cleans up after itself.


Written by gsm

04/30/2007 at 8:08 am

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  1. Brilliant! I saw this go by on Woot, and just didn’t connect the dots. I have a teen and a dog, and all sorts of stuff comes in the house all the time. Having a Roomba would have been an ideal short-term solution. (I spent the better part of a day cleaning and vacuuming this weekend, so of course this has now turned into a weekly expectation – and a non-buyer’s lament).


    04/30/2007 at 11:20 am

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