Sleeping Dogs Lie (3 stars)

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Sleeping Dogs Lie image“All hell breaks loose when a woman reveals a secret to her fiancé in comedian-director Bob Goldthwait‘s edgy romantic comedy. Encouraged by her mother and co-worker, Amy (Melinda Page Hamilton) tells her husband-to-be about a rather shocking past sexual encounter. But her confession threatens to destroy the relationship, and what unfolds is a story of integrity, family ties, bravery and forgiveness. Bryce Johnson and Colby French co-star.”

Geoff’s Comments: A surprisingly thoughtful movie, which is just what I’d read in reviews from it’s premiere last year under the title “Stay”. The shocking sexual encounter is portrayed in a fashion that makes it clear from the outset that it was a fluke mistake, immediately recognized, and the rest of the film centers around the ramifications of confession, judgement, acceptance and moving on. Also, it rides a wave of comedy and drama, with some very serious moments and very tender ones too, along with the funny stuff, which ultimately is less of what the story ends up being about.

[ rent Sleeping Dogs Lie via netflix.com]


Written by gsm

04/25/2007 at 8:08 am

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