Disbelief or Dat-belief?

It’s not my desire or intention that this site be focused heavily on religion, and yet it’s been a recurring theme and topic of late, in my life, and as such, echoes in the content here. So bear with me, and I’ll eventually get back to movie reviews, reflective observations, humorous recollections and the occasional fart joke. For the moment, given that I’ve been doing some reading on religion and that some conversations with friends have been along the same topics, I wanted to quickly touch base on a prior post and the discussion of Atheism and Agnosticism. In a nutshell, as much as I strongly believe that the term ‘GOD’ means many very different things to many people, so do the terms Atheist and Agnostic. The ‘fine line’ between the two does not, as I believe it is incorrectly assumed, result in Atheism being the absolute denial of anything spiritual, or that death in the human sense means all aspects of consciousness or any other plane of existence does not exist. It’s simply about having either a doubt and uncertainty about, or a conscious conclusion about the invalidity of, theism… being the existence of gods and/or deities.

Therefore, I’m concluding that they’re really just about the same damned thing.

Literally. :-)


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04/20/2007 at 8:08 am

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