Open the God Bay Doors, HAL

How I managed to stumble across this tidbit is way beyond me…, I was not even on some religious search, but somehow, click by click, I found my way from a reference to an iPod accessory to this little gem. In search of an iPod speaker, I somehow landed on an obscure reference to “Astronaut Jesus”.

Without getting into anything in the realm of religious discussions or debate, I just thought this was so damned funny! I won’t even try and begin to explain or even figure out the origin of this concept, I just love the visual concept of Christ in a space suit. More can be found here. I hope you’ll find this humorous in it’s own little obscure “Hello Kitty” way, regardless of your religious affiliation. Just enjoy a brief laugh.


Written by gsm

04/19/2007 at 11:26 am

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  1. G’day Mate,

    Okay, this looks JUST like the Jesus Super Hero cartoon. I think it’s the same Christian radicals, trying to sway us away from the JWs, who created this action figure. Now I have to toggle back to You Tube and rewatch that cartoon. I could have sworn Jesus morphed into the astronaut when he was changing people and I think that’s where this action figure came from. See if you can find another one with Jesus on the chair (before destroying the earth) or the dead baby lying on his mums bum.


    04/19/2007 at 4:52 pm

  2. FYI, I bought one of the $99 Altec Lansing speaker pods for my iPod – I forget the model number, but it’s black, about 12x9x3 inches, and the iPod sits in the center. It comes with a backpack, a power supply, and runs on batteries. For portable/camping/kid abusability, it’s pretty cool. If you’re just looking for room-filling, and want to keep it small, the Bose still gets my vote. If, however, you want simple+cheap+good, i bought a set of champagne-shaped Altec Lansing speakers (4 + subwoofer) that claim their for your computer. Anyway, these things are great for everything short of really loud rock. I put them in my cube on four sides and make my seat the suite (sic) spot. It’s awesome, especially for Beer Fridays.

    Happy Beer Friday,


    04/20/2007 at 2:03 pm

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