Star Struck

My Aunt Paula knows my interest in things like Ice Sculptures and Astronomy, and she sent me some interesting photos today taken from the Hubble telescope. This reminded me of a lingering desire to post a fascinating link here for your possible interest. It’s a site I visit every day, and frequently end up copying the image into a folder I use for screen savers and desktops (wallpaper to you PC folks). NASA has an ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day‘ website and the photographs are frequently mind-boggling and extremely humbling. Just seeing images and reading brief explanations of things such as star clusters, nebulas, cosmic dust clouds and more is awe inspiring. Truly. And it makes my occasional concerns about making the light or having some relatively insignificant possession seem extremely trivial and insignificant.

Not that I won’t buy an iPhone…. I’ll just know it’s real significance in relation to the universe, that’s all. :-)

Be sure and browse the archive. Some of these images are beautiful and unbelievable.


Written by gsm

04/16/2007 at 4:05 am

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