A Suite Deal

Once again, as has been the case on numerous other occasions, my friendship with one of the founders of ownerspass.com afforded me not only the opportunity to attend a Warriors game in Oakland last Sunday, but to extend the invitation to my brother in law, his family, and my nephew as well. Concerts and sports experienced form luxury suites are a whole different experience then that of being in the seats. And it’s not necessarily that the views are all that better, it’s all about the space.

Imagine the typical ticket holder’s experience of sitting in a single seat, somebody’s elbows pressed up against yours, your coat, backpack or any other belongings either held in your lap or resting on the trampled, sticky cement behind your feet, and your kneecaps pressed against the rough plastic of the backing of the chair in front of you. Getting up for any reason requires the inconveniences of shuffling past the twisted and retracted torsos of those sitting between you and the isle. And returning with a beverage or snack only adds to the clutter you must balance and juggle on your way back to and while sitting in your seat. Yet in some cases, this 3+ hours of ‘enjoyment’ can costs over $100 per person.

Now imagine walking into what is, in essence, a mini hotel room sans bed. There’s counter space and tables, and even a closet, for your belongings. There’s a ‘fridge stocked with cold sodas, mixers, water and beer. There’s running water. There’s sofa chairs, bar chairs and two rows of comfortable seating for you to sit and relax. There’s TV’s positioned about for close up views of the live event or instant replays. Need something to drink? Want to stand a bit? Need to step aside and take a phone call? Need a quick bathroom break? It’s all right there.

I’m not a sports focused guy. I’m a geek. I can’t hold my own in any real detailed conversation about sports on my best day. Yet that does not mean I don’t enjoy a good game, and Sunday’s was an exciting one to watch. My wife asked me afterwards if I was going to start sitting around and watching the game, and I said I was if it meant doing so from a luxury suite :-)

I can’t say I’d willingly pay and go through the associated hassles of going to a live game merely for the experience of having see n it live. It’s still not quite that interesting to me. But then I’m sure writing daily entries for a website that 4 or 5 people might read on a given day is not a strong draw for some of my friends as well. But that’s what’s great about friends and family: the acceptance that we don’t have to all like the same things in order to spend time sharing the things we do mutually enjoy.

That said, another lesson learned this week was that making the statement that the Dixie Chicks were “not so bad” when you’re driving in a Jeep filled with rock ‘n roll loving men, one’s that don’t quite share your willingness to branch out to such extremes, can easily result in a potentially long walk home from a game you never did get to in the first place.


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04/03/2007 at 7:08 am

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