Beanie There. Dumb That.

A quick follow up entry around the Garage Sale and Craigslist selling experience. Both are proving to be a bit of a nightmare. The garage sale was not the appropriate venue for selling larger items, but doing so through Craigslist is not a picnic either. I’ve worked with some great and cooperative folks but I’ve also had my shared of total flakes and lame questions.

Each evening this week I’m returning to the rental from 5.30 to 6 to meet and hand off belongings. I’ve had about a 30% success rate in people actually showing as they’ve said they would. That’s pretty pitiful and inconsiderate, IMHO. No-shows are incredibly rude and a waste of my valuable time.

I’ve had to give ‘product demonstrations’ to show that the items do indeed work, down to installing a baby gate in a doorway for a couple of folks. I understand that one, it’s reasonable to want to be sure something will indeed work or to know how to assemble something. It’s also understandable to ask for more detail then what’s in a listing. But what is with the inquiries about conditions that are frequently already stated in the listing itself? Why write and ask when it’s already there?

If I put something for sale and say “It’s in great condition.There’s some typical wear and tear but it’s fully functional”, then what makes people write and ask what condition it’s in? Same goes for price… everything has a price right in the ad but folks write and ask how much I am selling an item for. DUH! It’s all there, mook-boy… pivot the propeller on your beanie and you’ll see it right next to the title!

Oh, and the best ones are, and I kid you not, questions like “If I disassemble the crib will it fit into the trunk of my BMW Sedan?” Well, uh…

  1. I’m not well versed on trunk capacities of European motor companies.
  2. There’s numerous models of BMW Sedans, which is a critical factor as well.
  3. You’re interested in a typical crib, you know how big they are, and you know what kind of car you drive, when I do not. Who in this equation has a greater chance of being able to answer your question?

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03/28/2007 at 7:35 am

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  1. Ya gotta love people who have no idea you learned to read from MAD Magazine’s Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.

    “If I disassemble the crib will it fit into my trunk?”
    – It all depends on what size ax you use to ‘disassemble’ the crib.
    – Why take it apart? It has wheels. Just tie it to your bumper.


    03/28/2007 at 11:06 am

  2. So the question is – did they money you earn adequately compensate you for the time you spent on this endeavor? The time for prep, setup, driving back and forth, answering questions, waiting at the rental, demoing the products, etc.


    03/28/2007 at 11:10 am

  3. So far it’s less then a break even effort when I factor in time/energy. In hindsight i’d have done better to put it all in a car and dump it at the Goodwill. Which is exactly what i’ll be doing on Saturday. That said, follow through on expected visitors would have made a big difference.


    03/28/2007 at 11:42 am

  4. I posted a cherry wood desk on CL (Criagslist) with pictures, measurements, and a very detailed description. One lady wrote me right away, and even showed up… ON TIME! I was excited! She arrived with her husband and a deawoo 2-door hatchback. She said (not kidding) “I wasn’t expecting this to be so big… I thought it was a lap desk”. WTF?!?!? I put on the posting it was a large desk and measurements!!

    On that note… Selling stuff on CL might be a drag, but I get great deals on this website. For example, I’m getting ready to sell my house and because of Craigslist I reseeded, potted plants, planted flowers, and got a huge bundle of yard tools all for the price of $27.00 bucks!! Can’t beat that!!


    04/19/2007 at 9:48 am

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