Not So Well Connected

Well, the move wrapped up last night at 7pm, putting the start-finish at 11 hours. Almost double my 6 hour estimate. And that was just getting belongings out and over to the new house. Now we’re experiencing the fun phase of such moments as finding that, although I wisely packed and hand carried the coffee maker, and even brought home some coffee beans, the coffee grinder is packed in one of 15 kitchen boxes. Stuff like that. We’ve all been there, so enjoy the visual as it tickles a memory in your own past as well.

Now we begin just trying to get things functional enough that clothes, toiletries, and cooking supplies are found and accessible. Meanwhile, we’ve decided that the phone company’s insistence that our phone is, indeed, turned on, does not quite mesh with the lack of a dial tone on any of our phone outlets. Additionally, the cable company not only needs to connect the cable but needs to install a cable in a new position. All the while, of course, as expected, we’re jotting down numerous little quirks and notes on things to do, from installing some dimmer switches to getting some handyman help. The day should be a productive one.


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03/22/2007 at 7:33 am

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  1. been there done that.


    03/27/2007 at 8:20 am

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