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I’ve got some “low hanging fruit” tasks on hand for the new house. Typically, I’d unwittingly pay top dollar to have it done, only to later be told by more than one friend that they would have helped do it with me, or they know somebody that would have done it better and for less money. So to be proactive, I’m posting this and asking any local friends/family reading this to chime in with any recommendations they have. Just email me directly with any help or tips you’d like to offer.

  • Refinish/painting of the front door
  • Remove/replace rear Patio light fixture
  • Install a gate into an existing picket fence
  • Install a gated fence on a different side of the yard
  • Wire sprinklers in the back yard
  • Arrange for replacement of a crushed duct under the house
  • Install a ‘motion sensor’ to stop/reverse the garage door from closing
  • Reface bathroom cabinets
  • Install dual-pane windows
  • Fix front porch light wiring to not require inside light to be on :-)
  • Install a dryer exhaust/duct in the garage
  • Pave a section of side yard
  • Replacing Garage Door with one that has Safety Sensors

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03/20/2007 at 9:01 am

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  1. Obviously, you have my assistance, my friend. Light fixture, motion sensor, wiring, etc. would probably be my strongpoints, but I’d be happy to help with almost anything.

    Timing may be awkward, though: Gone this weekend, but we’ll be around next. Let me know what works for you – or even if weekdays might be better.


    03/20/2007 at 12:18 pm

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