Oh, No They Ditn’t

I was reading some web info this am via RSS, which provides a stripped down text-only view of websites. It’s a great way to scan for points of interest, and even better for dodging ads, which are annoying but understandably essential for revenues. Unfortunately there’s been some situations where ads are getting placed into the RSS feed, defeating that work around. And it just got worse. On a website I was lead to as I followed a story, I found that they’re putting fake “hyperlinks” into the story and attaching ads to them. Although there is a modest difference between a “true” link’s appearance and the ad link’s appearance, being simply the color and underline settings, the rest is deceptive as hell. When you position your mouse on it, you’re presented with a little ad. Disgusting! I won’t name the site ’cause I don’t want to drive any visitors their way but as viral as the web and advertising is, I fear we’ll be seeing more and more of this in the next few months.


Written by gsm

03/16/2007 at 5:08 am

Posted in  Technology 

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