Filler Up

I want to acknowledge and admit that many of my posts lately are pretty light weight fluff pieces. I’ve built a long list of numerous ideas and topics to write about, including a political rant/tyraid that’s still unfinished, as well as some personal insights and reflections on deeper thoughts. But with a full plate at work and a move under way, it’s been a bit too hard to carve out the time required to write something that has any depth, emotional insight or revealing self observations. I long for the day that I can affix a sensor or two on my temples and dictate via thoughts, but until then, or at least until we get settled into the new digs, you might find the content I’m cranking out to be more full-filler then fulfilling. Hang in there, I’ll try and piss you off or make you cry, or perhaps both, when the dust settles next month.


Written by gsm

03/15/2007 at 6:08 am

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