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I’m not a huge “Car” fanatic. Unlike many of my friends, I can’t jump into conversations about the latest Lexus or BMW and I don’t know all the minor details around body styles, engine torque or even what “Hemi” means. I’ve had a BMW, and i’ve had a sporty little convertible, and once I got all that out of my system, I had pretty much settled into the idea that a car is, well, just a car, not an extension of my personality, manhood, virility or ruggedness. It’s a frickin’ vehicle, for Christ’s sake. It gets me from point A to point B. The more economically, and the more environmentally sound, the better.

In the past 10 years there have been only two memorable occasions at which I found myself drooling over and really aware of and seriously interested in a particular car.

The most recent was the Tesla Roadster, which i’ve already written about previously, and it’s my hope that in the next 10 years they’ll prove to have been the company that forced a shift in paradigms and started (or, re-started, that is) a revolution in automotive breakthroughs.

The other occasion was on a drive with my wife along hwy 280, when I first spotted and fell immediately in love with a Mercedes 320. I believe it was 2002, as I’d already purchased my simple and economical Honda CR-V, fulfilling my long standing desire to finally be at the same eye level as 70% of the vehicles on the road and not be constantly unable to see past the SUV behemoth in front of me. But when I laid eyes on the 320, I almost wished I could have a do-over. I was taken by the simple and elegant lines and beauty of it’s shape, and the headlights were so unique and seamlessly integrated into the sloping of the hood. I truly looked upon it as almost a work of art. A design art piece. And I decided then that, some day, perhaps within the next 5 years…. I’d have one.

That was 5 years ago. So, earlier this week, guess what? No, really, just guess…. guess what I got?!

Nothing. Did you really think I’d bought one? Well, sure, if they’d make a hybrid I’d be lusting again, but, like a fanatical animal-rights supporter that won’t eat veal, I won’t buy another car that’s run solely on gasoline. That and the recent signing away of my soul between two mortgages, plus the obvious inevitability that being a twins parent requires the possession of a minivan, it’s far from likely that a Mercedes is in my near future, if ever.

But somebody I know, this week did. They got a beautiful 320. Who? I’ll tell you who… this punk kid, this mere child that’s joined our group at Apple, a guy fresh out of college who’s internship last year led them to full time position doing web development. He bought a beautiful black Mercedes 320. I’m kidding, of course, about him being a punk; he’s a great guy and a very bright coder with incredible potential. And getting this position and that vehicle are both huge accomplishments for him, which I completely understand. Yet I was joking with him about how he’s less then 1/2 my age and has bought the dream care I’ll never own.

Earlier this week, my good friend Jon F. popped by the new house with a generous house warming gift. In his beautiful new Audi A4 convertible. I stammered my jealously when I saw it, as it’s a beautiful vehicle as well.

And yet in the big scheme of things, ultimately, I’m happy with my choices and the simple options for the time being. At least until the hybrid or electric options are more widespread, and the minivan needs have been met, I’ll be driving the CR-V for awhile longer.


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03/15/2007 at 6:08 am

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