On The Remote Possibilities

Jeff S. sent me this link to an innovative product that sparks the imagination. The product is a “beer launcher”. “A 22-year-old inventor has come up with a refrigerator that launches a can of beer up to 10 feet to a thirsty drinker. The device delivers a can on a rotating drum to an electric catapult. It can hurtle up to 20 cans an hour.” Heh… leave it to a 22 year old to focus on the delivery of a beer! :-)

Although it’s funny, and innovative, it makes me wonder what parallel markets might benefit from such a device. TV remotes, for example. How is that something specifically designed for the sole purpose of enabling control of a device from a distance ends up at or on the device, or worse, gets set down next to the phone in the other room?. Load this up with a few spare remotes and you’re back in business. Or tools. Have you ever been under the sink or on a ladder and needed a pair of pliers? *click* and it’s in your hand. Oh, and how about those occasions where you’re down to one tattered single-ply role-bound remnant of toilet paper and the spare roll is clear across the room in a closed cabinet, well out of reach? *click* and you’re wipe back in business.

Just imagine all the benefits such a device might provide. That is, provided you don’t loose the remote for the launcher, or course.


Written by gsm

03/14/2007 at 6:08 am

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  1. I am confident that GM will take this invention one step further, by adding a mechanism that will shake the can/bottle, open it up and then drop in a Mentos.

    This device does go hand in hand with TiVo like products which allow you to skip the commercials. After all, don’t most Americans use commercials as a cue to get up off the couch and get something to eat or drink (or get rid of what they’ve eaten and had to drink).

    As for the 22 year old inventor, I wonder why he doesn’t just ask his girlfriend to bring him a beer from the fridge, ala Al Bundy, Archie Bunker, et al. Oh wait. I’m assuming he HAS a girlfriend. Big assumtion here.


    03/14/2007 at 11:13 am

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