Ive Just Clutched An iPhone

I just walked over to the Cafe on campus to get some iced tea. I do this at 2pm a few times a week, in order to fill a large thermos with tea and a few packs of Splenda to give me instant refreshment throughout the course of the next 24-48 hours. Yet today, as I walked in, I crossed paths with Johnathon Ive, the renowned designer of Apple products. He was not watching where he was going, as he was focused on touching the small, slim silver & black device in his hand. An iPhone.

I stalled momentarily, as do most of us when we suddenly find ourselves in the presence of a luminary such as Steve or John. Then I hesitated long enough to rationalize that, if he’s out and about with it, he’s been approached by others before me. He was standing at one of the counters about to order some food. So I walked up and made obvious leaning/glancing gestures and said “Sorry, but I just had to get a glance while I can. It look beautiful.”. He’s known to be relatively modest and soft spoken and he smiled politely, but I could see a slight extra clutching and obscuring of the device at the same time. “I’m looking forward to getting one in my own hands” I said, to which he grinned, a grin that had a hit of excitement and pride, and said “It’ll be worth the wait”. I decided not to press any further, said thanks, and walked away, my valued Apple Badge still in hand. ;-)

… the excitement builds….


Written by gsm

03/14/2007 at 11:21 am

Posted in  Technology 

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