Itty Bitty Twitty Committee

I find many things funny but when I laugh out loud, especially at something on TV, it’s refreshing, and rare. I’m not talking about snickering, I’m talking about full blown, side splitting, “Pause the TiVo ’cause milk is comin’ outta my nose” laughing. Family Guy has done that on more than one occasion. It’s not constant, but there’s been several FG moments that busted me up, and this Sunday they added another to the list.

As a brief explanation as to why in the hell I thought this was so funny, my childhood memories include zoning out in front of the TV on the weekends and those sessions exposed me to numerous shows, including the painful “HeeHaw”, complete with the dead-pan character-breaking introduction of musical guests at the end of a sketch.

So…. enter Family Guy’s team of creative writers. As a segue from a scene in which Peter and Bill Clinton steal a pig from a farm. The farmer appears, makes a lame joke, a laugh track accentuates the punch-line, and he breaks character to introduce Conway Twitty. Funny, perhaps, but “LOL”? Yes, because they transition to an actual clip from the show of the performer, big hair and bad production, for several seconds. I could NOT stop laughing and had to pause TiVo. (Yes, had I been drinking milk it would have come out of my nose). Then, later in the show, they hit the nerve once more, playing off the earlier reference and doing it yet again, just like they would on that decrepit old show. And they lingered on it longer, just long enough to have the performance reach an unintentional but painfully hilarious moment. THAT busted me up even more than the first, so much so that milk I’d had two days earlier actually did come out of my nose. And that’s when things got scary.

OK, I’m kidding about the milk, but damn, these two moments were LOL funny. Although there’s probably about only 12 people in the world that’ll get the reference, and only 9 may really appreciate it, it’s good to be a member of a committee along side a Family Guy writer or two.

I’ve posted a merge of the two clips on YouTube. Check it out.


Written by gsm

03/13/2007 at 5:08 am

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  1. Did you catch The Simpsons? A good line there:

    Marge is complaining to Homer about Grandpa, who has moved into the house.

    Homer: Well then YOU talk to him. He’s YOUR father-in-law.


    03/13/2007 at 11:08 am

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