Shopgirl (4 stars)

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Shopgirl image“Lovely but lonely Mirabelle (Claire Danes) feels purposeless selling gloves in a world where they’re hardly ever worn. But her sad-sack days are soon enlivened by Ray (Steve Martin), a rich suitor who showers her with sex and attention. Mirabelle soaks it all up but yearns for more commitment, which Ray can’t give. So when she meets the penniless but sincere Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman), she wonders if it’s time to give up one man for the other.”

Geoff’s Comments: I thought this was a very well acted, well paced story, with very insightful and human insights into each of the characters. Additionally, it was one of the best ‘filmed’ things I’ve seen in some time; the photography, settings, staging and lighting were excellent throughout, and gave it a wonderful feel and mood.

[ rent Shopgirl via netflix.com]


Written by gsm

03/05/2007 at 8:08 am

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