Every Girl Crazy ’bout a Sharp Dressed Man

Ok, something light for a change, then I’m done posting for the weekend. Today I’m wearing green dockers, a button down denim “Tandem Computer” shirt, a brown belt, and worn out hiking boots. Don’t as me what I was thinking. Clearly I was not. I’ll blame it on 3hrs of sleep. All I have to say is that, if my wife were walking next to me right now, she’d not be. ’nuff said.


Written by gsm

03/02/2007 at 2:09 pm

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  1. It was hard to tell if the “No Comments” button was an instruction. ;-)

    OK, so I’ve had my hearing abused by hours of cheerleader music tracks while down here at Disneyland for the LAST of my daughter’s cheer competitions. Now I’m working, found wireless in the Hearthstone Lounge here at the Grand California Hotel, so while Cheryl and Kelly and all the little high-drama 13-year-olds are out terrorizing Mickey and Minnie, I’m having a drink, listening to old Steely Dan on my ‘Pod (“Royal Scam”), and working on the meager income and tax implications of my side business (a meager ISP reseller called AlmadenWeb.com that provides small businesses with simple CSS-based websites so that they can have a web presence without having to actually know anything or care).

    I’ve had to chemically desensitize delicate cranial nerve endings to compensate for the nonlinear, high-decibel assault on my already limited hearing.

    The good news is that the smaller “stunt team” (a subset of the overall cheer squad) took 1st place. The bad news is that the full team didn’t even place. Oh, the drama…

    Jon Fuelleman

    03/04/2007 at 4:08 pm

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