A Good Read For Either Party

I’ve been drafting a rather politically oriented post for a few days now. And even the 2hrs I spent trying to compose my thoughts last night was not enough for me to ‘go to press’, as it were. BUT in the mean time, I wanted to point out a great article posted by Jeff Harrell over at “The Shape of Days“. This guy’s one of the few blogs I skim daily, and not because of political stance, but because there’s great writing to be found. So, yesterday, while I was on a mental ‘walkabout’ searching for and collecting the ideas about my own political post, he posted this. And it’s very close to my own experiences. It echos some of my own political waxing and waning over the past 10 years, although I don’t believe I’ve ever really attached myself to either party on the whole.

There’s a great sentence in his post that really captures a good deal of my current feelings about politics and opinons.

“This is something I believe: Most people don’t think. They just don’t. They react to stimuli and they go about their lives, but they don’t think. If they have abstract opinions at all — opinions more profound than “I like cabbage” — it’s because they’re parroting things they’ve heard others say.”

I highly recommend reading his post. With an open mind, please. Just take a minute to do so. And if time allows I’ll have mine completed and up within the week.


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03/02/2007 at 8:08 am

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