This One’s For My Wife

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T-shirt humor is a website that has the funniest stuff you’ll find online. Well, some of the funniest stuff you’ll find, anyway. I cycle in some of their images in the sidebar of this website for grins and giggles. but when I saw this today I decided to make it into an eCard and send it to my wife. We’re talkin’ about 3.5 year old twins… there are moments like this… but thankfully they are few and far apart. About 8hrs apart lately…

03/01/07 addendum: Just for the record, given some concerns express by my wife about how this is ‘taken’ by the general public, it’s a joke. They’re actually great kids. We really do love them and we don’t really consider them ungrateful… all the time.


Written by gsm

02/28/2007 at 3:57 pm

Posted in  Humor 

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