Jesus Camp (4 stars)

Jesus Camp image“This riveting Oscar-nominated documentary offers an unfiltered look at a revivalist subculture where devout Christian youngsters are being primed to deliver the fundamentalist community’s religious and political messages. Building an evangelical army of tomorrow, the Kids on Fire summer camp in Devil’s Lake, N.D., is dedicated to deepening the preteens’ spirituality and sowing the seeds of political activism as they’re exhorted to “take back America for Christ.””

Geoff’s Comments: It’s frightening and terribly sad to see how free will and critical thinking are supressed in the hearts and minds of innocent children in order to instill dogmatic belief systems. There’s a few mind blowing moments, including the leader of the camp, in reference to all other countries and religions, stating that they’re all lies, and she’s the one with the only truth. Hmmm…. sounds like what every other religion says, doesn’t it? Or the lambasting of, get this, “Harry Potter” as an evil satanic wizard, to be admonished and, if she had control, killed. Lady… lookup the word Fiction, OK?

My two word summation of the subject matter: “Holy Shit”.

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02/22/2007 at 10:36 am

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