Why’d You Turn Out Like That?

I observe wide right-hand turns practically every day at work, and with rare exception, they’re completely unnecessary and idiotic. I work with some of the brightest minds in the computer industry but thank god they’re not designing roadways or teaching driving schools.

Driving into the underground parking at the office requires a right-hand turn into and down a short ramp, along side a card-reader which you pass your badge over to open the gate. But for some reason beyond my understanding, people seems to have an odd compulsion to first veer to the left, then make a broad and sweeping right hand turn, as if there’s no room to do so otherwise. But there is! There is plenty of room for even a Surburban to navigate this simple turn. But people, even those in Mini Coopers and Civics, still make it into a semi-circle turn. And I’ve actually driven behind people at the prior stoplight, where they’d squeezed through the right side of the road and into the bike lane to successfully make that sharp right-hand turn, only to witness them approach the parking garage turn as if they’re about to guide a Hummer into a compact parking space between two semi-trucks.

Last Friday was the worst. Friday morning, a guy driving ahead of me turned on his right-hand signal, veered completely into the left-hand turn lane that runs parallel to the garage entrance, only to then turn sharply back to the right, straight across the actual lane that he’d just careened out of and which I was still driving in, and down into the parking garage ramp. He was driving a frickin’ Honda. He had no reason to make the turn in such a fashion. Had I not anticipated it, he’d have clipped my front left side as I drove forward, reasonably thinking that somebody that moves into a left hand turn lane and turns on their right hand signal is really planning on making a left hand turn. At least he turned his signal on, which is more then some have done in the past.

I’m marking this down as Pet Peeve #491 in an continuing series.


Written by gsm

02/21/2007 at 8:08 am

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