Weighing In On Grammy Events

Although I did not watch the show, I guess there were two big deals about the Grammy’s last weekend. One being a performance by and the announcement of a reunion tour of the Police, and the other being a broad sweep of awards going to the Dixie Chicks. And both have me thinking and wondering.

With respect to the Police, as I said in a chat with Jess, does anybody want to put odds on how far into the tour they get before Gordon pisses off Andy and Stuart enough that they cancel further gigs? As much as I like Sting, he’s been reported to have issues with stages not having room for his ego. And it can’t be about “the art”, it’s about the $250+ ticket prices, which is a bit offputting. Still, for Jess’s benefit, knowing that he’s now positioned to complete his own rock-holy trinity viewing with this tour, I hope it’ll make it through to California, but this all the markings of a train wreck on the horizon. Then again, there could end up being a race to implode between those three, and these three.

I actually did see Sting on a solo tour in the mid 90’s, at Shoreline, but I also saw the Police during their final tour, supporting the “Synchronicity” release, at the Cow Palace if memory serves me right. The in-joke between myself and the two friends I went with has always been that, about half-way through the show, we all kinda ‘blacked out’, only to find ourselves ‘coming to’ while standing on the stadium floor as the lights came on and the crowd began to disperse. We’d been, uh, “under the influence” as it were, and there was some questions as to what really was in those “power hits” we received from a girl we met earlier that evening. Hey, what can I say, I was a rebellious youth. And you know, come to think of it….if it’s OK for Sting and crew to try and relive their youth…. :-)

Now, although it’s doubtful that we’ll score a set of executive suite seats if this tour does roll through town, it was just a month or so back that we were all joking about being unable to find anybody with a strong interest in seeing the Dixie Chicks under such idilic conditions. Nobody was all that into the idea. Fast forward to this week and suddenly they are multiple-grammy recipients. Perhaps that’ll spur more interest. I’m listening to their Grammy winning CD right now. I’m not retching. I’m not tapping. I’m just listening. It’s not bad. If the seats are available in November I just might go, but this time around I don’t think they’ll be left on the shelf like they were earlier in the year, before the concert schedule shifted.

And speaking of the D.C.’s, I’m eagerly awaiting my Netflix shipment of “Shut Up and Sing“, a well received documentary about the “Bush Bashing Backlash” that the trio endured in 2003. It’ll be released on DVD on Feb 20th. I’m not a big fan (as indicated by my initial lack of interest in attending the previously referenced concert), but this looks like a great documentary. And I’m definitely a fan of those. And I always enjoy seeing people who make blind, ignorant judgments based on “mob mentality” having to eat their words, if not just stop and re-consider their stance and motivations. Even when it’s me. Especially when it’s me.

P.S.: bonus points go to those of you who got the pun in this post title before having to read all the way down here and then start thinking it over.


Written by gsm

02/15/2007 at 8:08 am

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  1. Hmm… Gram, weighing in…. ugh, could this be a science joke, or are we making inferences about your grandma’s weight?

    Jon Fuelleman

    02/18/2007 at 9:06 am

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