I’m Afraid Not

Although I feel a little less ‘off kilter’ then yesterday’s morose post, I still somewhat frazzled and easily jarred. I’m starting to realize that the childhood dreams I had of being chased by monsters, those is which my efforts to run felt like doing so in waist-deep water, were not simply nightmares, but were prophetic premonitions of what lied ahead, in the realm of adult responsibilities :-). I’m trying to stay on top of and current with so many things at once but that is just not my forte, and every once in awhile my cup runneth over. I’d like to say that I always have things tied down and secure, cinched in place, bound tightly together to prevent damage or loss in transit. Perhaps I do, but as a result, I’m a frayed knot.

The beautiful irony here is that I’m finalizing and posting this as I sit and await the start of a work sponsored seminar on ‘Managing Multiple Priorities’. I signed up as soon as I saw the first two words, expecting that anything related to managing multiples, be it kids, priorities or personalities, w/be of use :-)


Written by gsm

01/30/2007 at 10:53 am

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