Great Lyrics : Colin Hay “Beautiful World”

My my my it’s a beautiful world
I like driving in my car
Roll the top down, sometimes I travel quite far
Drive to the ocean, stare up at the stars
I like driving in my car

All around is anger, automatic guns
It’s death in large numbers, no respect for women, or our little ones
I tried talking to Jesus, but He just put me on hold
Said He’d been swamped by calls this week
And He couldn’t shake His cold

And still this emptiness persists
Perhaps this is as good as it gets
When you’ve given up the drink, and those nasty cigarettes
Now I leave the party early, at least with no regrets
I watch the sun as it comes up, I watch it as it sets
Yeah this is as good as it gets

Listen to it here.


Written by gsm

01/25/2007 at 5:59 pm

Posted in  Music 

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