I ‘kicked off’ my TNL routine this week by taking my Mac and parking my butt at Orchard Valley Coffee to just geek out and do some writing. It’s been quite refreshing, if not rejuvenating. At one point I found myself in three simulations iChat conversations with varied friends, and had to change my status to ‘Away’ so I could focus.

It turns out that on Thursday’s they have acoustic music, and there’s an acoustic guitar player/singer performing 70’s style music tonight, which has proven to be retro-fun, and the Bush protest song was worth the journey down here. He’s singing a Dylan cover right now. too fun! In addition, I’ve completed two longer web posts, so it’s been productive to boot.

Ironically, though, one client with a laptop that was unable to connect to the internet approached me asking if i could help. Note that i said ‘laptop’ and not ‘MacBook’ or ‘Powerbook’. Yeah, it was a Toshiba running Windows. But I was able to quickly get them connected and get back to my work. My good citizen merit badge points have been earned for the week.

This is just what I needed. This is just what I’d hoped for when starting this. I’m sure i’ll mix it up with movies and beers with the guys, but for this week, I’m quite content to have had this time alone. Some times, just getting out of the house and having a chance of scenery, some live music, and a good cup of locally brewed java just makes for the perfect combination.


Written by gsm

01/18/2007 at 9:01 pm

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