I Can See My Office From Here

I’m as far from being a Microsoft fan as they get, but I gotta admit that, along with hiring great folks for their Mac Business Unit, this map implementation is freakin’ cool! http://maps.live.com gives you ‘Birds Eye Views’, being low angle, close up, 360º images that you can rotate in their maps website, leveraging ‘Microsoft Earth’. The fact that it does not work in Safari, though…. well that’s just not right. If you’re on a Mac you’ll need Firefox.

These smaller screenshots don’t do it justice. Go try it yourself to really get the full experience.

The image of the Apple campus below is a great view:

This is the house I used to live in… this is the house where i was born:

And stepping back in history, here’s a view of Florence, Italy. Specifically, in front of the ‘Duomo’, which has the honor of being the spot where I proposed to my wife. In Italian, no less! (Thanks Joe!)


Written by gsm

01/18/2007 at 8:08 am

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