A New Camera Clicks With Me

I’d been sitting on some ‘TiVo’ Rewards points for well over a year or two. Initially, I wanted the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones they had available for 3000 points. But just as I acquired 3000, the points required jumped to 3500. And when I got to 3500, I hesitated long enough for the points needed to jump to 3750. Talk about a carrot on a stick! Then, our little digital camera, a Canon Sureshot S300, 2megapixel deal I’ve had since circa 1999, has been having battery issues. Instead of just getting new batteries, I checked TiVo’s rewards and found they’d added the Nikon CoolPix S7c camera. I did some research and regardless of the mixed reviews, the price…. FREE… was right. The images are very decent for a point-n-shoot, and although it has the typical constrains of digital cameras, two features have me thrilled.

Feature 1: Wiresless 802.11b/g connectivity.
I am stunned at how easily this setup and started working. I’ve got wireless at home and with this camera, I can pick/choose the images, sounds or movies i want to move to the computer, press a few buttons, and they’re on their way without any cables or wires at all! It’s spectacular. On top of that, get this… I can print wirelessly too [don’t have that setup in place but do have the equipment and might pursue it this weekend], I can ‘upload’ photos directly to a Nikon website for downloading later, and I can include email addresses of recipients that will get the link and be able to go download them immediately, I can ‘connect’ the camera wirelessly and perform an iPhoto sync, or, I can connect and start shooting photos, with every photo I shoot immediately transferring in the background as I continue to shoot! Freakin’ brilliant.

Feature 2: Movie quality.
This stunned me… the quality of the video this takes is beautiful. I shot a quick test and uploaded/watched on the TV and it’s on par with stuff I’ve used our existing video camera to record. A 2gb card can hold up to 30min of high quality video. This is really something else, and I’ll be getting a couple of cards to have so a family trip or gathering can utilize this little gem for photos and movies instead of lugging the 8mm camera around instead. The video in my ‘Gallop Pole‘ post was taken on this camera.


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01/05/2007 at 8:19 am

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  1. Great info on this camera – and you just might make us retire our Canon S300, as well. A question: How does it do in low-light situations? The one reason we have stuck with our existing camera has been the phenomenal performance for twilight/nighttime shots – which we haven’t seen matched by any other camera, to this point. I’m quite curious…


    01/05/2007 at 11:11 am

  2. Good info. thx. How does the shutter speed compare with your old camera, and with what you would desire given we both have kids who tend to be in a different zip code by the time some cameras focus?

    Answer: Shutter speed is much better, based on the abilty to set to a portait setting and then choosing flash on/off or red-eye. There’s still the inherient ‘autofocus’ delays that occur with any camera but that just means you have to focus BEFORE beforehand, when possible. I’m happy with it. I’m considering taking to MacWorld outing tomorrow and if I do you’ll have a chance to check it out in person.


    01/10/2007 at 10:37 am

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