Happy New Year, I Guess

I’d had ambitious plans for my blog entry this year. I even started on a list of 100 ‘year end questions’ to post. And then, I just stopped caring. For some reason, I’m feeling down and melancholy. Perhaps it’s the shock of my mother-in-laws passing, or the reflection back on another year past, and all the things I want and think I could have and should have done, and did not. Perhaps it’s the weight of looking at a new year ahead, wondering what resolutions I should consider, if any. Perhaps it’s the darker mornings and nights that come with the season. Perhaps it’s having been out of work for several weeks, dealing with a crisis and just being with family, that will end tomorrow when I return to work after a few weeks away.

Whatever the case, I’m just feeling blue. If I could, I’d sleep through the month and try again in February.


Written by gsm

01/01/2007 at 2:07 pm

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