I Live In A Night Gallery House

Alright…. I’ve reached a conclusion. After multiple rat encounters, consistently finding gnawed remains of fallen fruit littering our yard, and after watching gophers randomly popping up and leaving burrowed mounds of dirt for my kids to stumble over, I’m convinced we’re living in a house straight out of ‘the Night Gallery’. Hell, even the plants around this place have this ‘finger-bone’ appearance, as if they’re poised and waiting to come to live and clutch my ankle.

Tonight, while bathing the kids, my son noticed something floating in the tub, which he pulled out and I identified as a spider’s leg. Sure, that’s no big deal, however, earlier today, after buckling my son into my car for a series of quick errands, I turned back to talk to him and a bright yellow and black object, about 2″ in diameter, caught my eye. It was hanging from the passenger side window, inside of my car. It was a freakishly large and ornate spider in comparison to the type one typically encounters . It was another one of those moments around this place that i just thought “I’m living in a spook house”.

I grabbed a used cup from the back seat and remove it, did the necessary legwork to identify it as a Argiope aurantia, and then, with the kids eagerly following with flashlights, we set it free. If it shows up in the house or back in the car, I’m either moving, or calling Wes Craven with a script idea.


Written by gsm

12/28/2006 at 8:08 am

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  1. gross.


    12/28/2006 at 11:53 am

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