Making Lemonade From Backed Up Plumbing

I think we’ve had a hard enough week already. A sudden death with suspicious medical associations has pretty much derailed the entire family. Yet we are trying to move forward with the plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, hosted at our home. Our home, which, at 10am, decided to stop draining from the kitchen sink and laundry room, flooding the area and further derailing things. ARRRRRGGHH.

BUT following the frustration and exasperation over the bad timing, my wife reminded me it could be worse, and it definitely could. So a plumber is en route, and in the mean time the kids are having a complete blast pretending to be plumbers, entertaining me while I quickly document, for posterity, how the universe actually is against me.

“I’m trying Ringo…. I’m tryin’ real hard, to be the shepherd.” ;-)


Written by gsm

12/24/2006 at 11:26 am

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