Off The Elf Clothing Choices

I’ve seen several people this week, both out and about, and at work, wearing Santa hats. Holy crap… is it Christmas time already?!? I had no idea :-/. Now, I don’t quite know if I’m just too ‘Scrooged’ to go with the flow, but it seems a little weird. It’s another one of those things that I see people do, and have to wonder if they’re so filled with the spirit of the season that it blindly dictates their wardrobe choices, or are they just looking for some attention? Well, who am I to talk, all of my clothes came from the costume rejects for ‘That 70s Show’. Regardless, I like that you want to promote the holiday, but if you’re at the office, don’t expect to be taken seriously if you look like an escapee from the island of misfit toys, and if you’re working the counter somewhere, merry christmas already…. now please make my egg-nog latte, OK Hermie?


Written by gsm

12/15/2006 at 8:08 am

Posted in  Miscellaneous 

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