Five Creature Comforts

A good friend recently went through a long home-remodeling. As we discussed it, he shared that he and his wife had kept a little list of the things they did not have during their stay in a rental house, or just in general, that they really missed or wanted in the new dwelling. Things like a dishwasher, a decent garbage can… things they recognized as being useful and convenient by not having them for awhile.

I thought this was really entertaining and interesting, because it got me thinking about all the little creature comforts that one finds, embraces, and ultimately integrates so into their daily lives that they forget how great they are, until they’re taken away by circumstance.

I wanted to share my own list and I want to ask you for yours. I want to get the 5 things you consider creature comforts that you would most miss were you to have to give them up. Feel free to use the commments section of this post to append your own thoughts.

RULES: Give it some serious thought, and please, be reasonable. Don’t say ‘my job‘ or ‘my wife‘ or ‘the roof on the house‘ or ‘heat‘; stay in the realm of realistic and probable. For example, Don’t say ‘TV‘ or ‘Hot and Cold Running Water‘; but you could choose ‘TiVo‘ or ‘Filtered Water in the refrigerator door‘ if that’s something you have had and would or do really miss the convenience of.

My Favorite Creature Comforts:

  • TiVo
  • A Debit Card
  • My Treo PDA
  • Wireless Networking
  • A Telephone Answering Machine

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12/12/2006 at 8:08 am

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  1. My Bicycle- great exercise for my back, plus the ability to go where cars can’t while “putting one over” on the oil companies and their associated cartels. Probably the best $300 I ever spent, in terms of how much pleasure it brings. Every time I get on it it is like revisiting a good friend. I think “how come I haven’t been on it for a few weeks”?

    Bath tub. I have never lived in a place that had only a shower, and don’t think I could. Besides soaking (see above item), also great for hiding things that you don’t want guests to see. Sort of like putting dirty dishes into the cupboards instead of washing them.

    A camera. I like sharing my travels with others, plus with a camera in my hand I find I appreciate the scenery a bit more. I seldom travel without it. It makes even business trips a little more fun — I see the camera in my suitcase and then try to find a spot to use it.

    A monogramed handkerchief from my girlfriend. I always have a clean “hanky” in my coat pocket, usually for wiping a lens/sunglasses or wrapping up some cookies to take with me. The white ones with the faded black initial are my very favorite, sort of like Linus’ blanket. On the rare occasions when I have a plain hanky, I find I miss the monogram. I ought to just throw out the non-monogrammed hankies, but they are still in great shape. Or maybe have two hankies: one for showin’, one for blowin’.

    A $20 bill. When I have a picture of Andrew Jackson in my wallet, I feel like I have some money. If I just have a tens, fives or ones, I feel like I am running out of money — even if it adds up to MORE than $20. Getting me to break a $20 takes some thought. Maybe I just admire Andrew Jackson. Such an underdog. Even Tito gets more attention!


    12/12/2006 at 12:06 pm

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