My wife wanted, and has received, early, a new iPod Nano for her Christmas present. She can now be found shuffling through the kitchen to ‘Green Day’, and it’s great to know that she has something to strap to her arm at the gym or around the house, helping to trim down the background noise of twins. (For those curious, it’s a 4gig Product(red) one, and I’m already kicking myself for not going 8gig… what was I thinking…I always get the highest capacity but this time around something went wrong in my brain.

Yet there was one more item needed to complete the package.

Knowing that she’d want to take the new Nano to the gym, I walked over to the company store we have on campus, and I found, in the back clearance area, that they had a slew of Apple iPod Nano armbands marked down from $29 to only $9.99. Plus, they had a selection of red, pink, green, blue and silver, which ironically matches, quite well, the colors of the current models.

I asked at the counter if these were compatible with the new aluminum ipods, and got a tentative, hesitant, ‘uh… no, no… you need the NEW one’; pointing me to the display of Apple iPod Nano armbands. They’re white, priced at $29, and look exactly the same as those in colors and selling for $10. So I thought I’d investigate further.

There’s ONE minor difference; the hole for the headset in the 1st gen model is closed, while the new one is an open notch, as if they’d just clipped the side of the older version with a small pair of scissors like you’d find on a little Victorinox keychain pocketknife. But beyond that, they’re identical. And the new armbands are only available in white, which is odd. The older Nano’s were white or black while their armbands were colored, and now the Nano’s come in colors and the armband is white. :-/

I took one of each back to the counter and pressed a bit further. “These look identical… won’t the current Nano work fine in these?” I asked. The response was, with a little annoyance, that no, a new Nano needs the new armband. I cut them a great deal of slack…. i can’t imagine the agony of having to deal with the typical geek engineer questions for 8 hours a day. “But look, they’re identical” I said in response, at which point the person at the counter just flatly said “it’s up to you if you want to try it”.

I took a moment, and took a chance, and bought the old version armband, in red, and returned to my office. When the new ‘Product (red)‘ iPod arrived yesterday, I took out the armband, inserted the iPod into it, and it fit perfectly! Oh, and regarding the issue with the closed hole vs the notch… I just clipped the side of the older version with the small pair of scissors on my little Victorinox keychain pocketknife.

I have to say that, although I understand the staff at the counter need to ‘walk the party line’ in respect to selling off clearance items vs selling something new, it still seemed a little ‘underhanded’ to not just be straight up about the compatibility. I mean, one look and you can see it’s the same friggin’ thing. But to be fair, this was not one of the usual folks at the counter that know me by name, and I don’t really think it was intentional deception. Still, I will probably drop in later today when I’m over that way and mention to them that it does work, just in case they want to at least be able to tell the other employee’s that ask.

And in case you own a Nano, new or old, and you want an armband…. you know where to go, or who to contact :-)


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12/07/2006 at 8:08 am

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  1. Ssh. You’ve stumbled on to the secret. Please don’t tell anyone else, OK?

    Please stop by next week when we unveil the new iPod armband accessory modification kit (made by Victorinox). It includes tweezer and a toothpick.


    12/07/2006 at 12:04 pm

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