Homebound Deterrent

For the benefit of moms out there, allow me to just make a brief point of giving you some ‘fatherly’ advice. ‘Fatherly’, that is, from the perspective of the man with whom you’ve had children, not your own father.

The advice? When phoning him at the office, in the middle of pleasantly cajoling him into leaving work as early as possible in order to return to the bosom of his waiting family, avoid making a side comment to your son regarding the fact that you smell fresh poop in his pants. Avoid it. That is what we call, in “the Land of Dadhood”, a deterrent. Again…. that’s “a Deterrent“.

Just a thought. Meanwhile, if you like the image used on this post check out wrybaby.


Written by gsm

12/06/2006 at 5:15 pm

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