Showing Some Restraint

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The last bastion used to cling to the illusion of an unfettered life has been relinquished. The natural course of time and my environment have successfully worn away at the facade, and the honest reality of my existence is now exposed for all to see. No longer will I have the option to use the time spent between home and work as a self-delusional time machine, where no visual reminders exist of what I’ve left behind and will return to at the end of the day. A glance in the rear view mirror will not require the presence of a police car to illicit that momentary hollow feeling in my gut. And the days of scantily clad lingerie models driving a jeep beside me, in jean shorts and half tops, blowing kisses and winking seductively, will be replaced with the same ladies in the same car, but they’ll giggle and roll their eyes as they speed off into the distance. Yes, after 3+ years of rationalization and resistance, there’s a child seat in my car.

The bright side? Perhaps i’ll be able to get away with using the carpool lane.


Written by gsm

11/07/2006 at 8:08 am

Posted in  Journal 

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