Diversity Week Humor

I guess it was ‘Diversity Week’ a few weeks back, or at least it was at our offices, and on that Friday there was a beer bash. I’m all for diversity, but sometimes it seems a bit on the overly PC side, as if we’re all walking on eggshells trying to not offend anybody with anything in anyway. Where’s Don Rickles when you need ’em? There’s many special interest groups, and yet I suspect it’d be un-PC to establish a ‘straight white males’ group, or a ‘non-believers-in-mythical-deities’ group alongside the gays groups, the muslim groups, and the indian groups. It’s not that i have anything against any of these people or their rights to be treated equally on all grounds, as it just simply should be…. but it has snowballed into something ‘work related’ and something that carries an unspoken pressure to give special recognition and validation for one and all… as if we’re all supposed to hold hands and teach the world to sing.

I felt it was a bit overblown and needed some perspective. So before heading over to meet up with some colleages for a beer and some munchies, I sent the following text message invitation to them:

Diversity beerbash and munchies. Come enjoy the ‘male chavunist pigs-in-a-blanket’, the ‘pita bread wth homos’, ‘blackened chicken’ and the ‘who-you-callin-a-shrimp’ salad,. Oh and crackers. Lots and lots of crackers :-)

Please… don’t send me ‘hate mail’… this is a joke. It’s just a joke. Lighten up, people.


Written by gsm

10/30/2006 at 8:00 am

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