A Small Place With Big Memories

My mom’s birthday came around again this year, as it, surprisingly, seems to do at an almost routine interval. Finding something she’d like for a birthday gift has always been a challenge, and this year was no exception. But we ended up finding a wonderful book about the Santa Monica bay, a place she spent her childhood at, having grown up living a mere stroll away from it. When she opened it, we started flipping through the pages, and frequent images would spark memories of her childhood; photos of a pier she’d walk on, the streetcars they’d ride, home styles prevalent to the era and region, the library, schools, and shops. It was wonderful, and one of the more rewarding gifts i’ve given her.

As we talked about her childhood i started thinking about my own. I thought about the street we lived on, the small home [by today’s standards] in which we lived, and all the experiences I associate to it. The experiences of the front yard and family photos taken there, and the back yard, the pets, and the endless afternoons playing on a swing set, which was later replaced with a wooden ‘playhouse’ structure my father built. The memories of his Pegeot parked on the street beneath the tree, and how my ‘magic’ ability to make that same tree turn into two trees uncovered my own visual problems and need for glasses. The memories of the birthday parties beneath the back patio cover, with theme’d cakes and games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and dropping clothespins into empty mayonnaise jars while standing atop a kitchen stool. The memories of a small walkway leading from the garage to the house, the family basset hound, Monty, and later, a sheepdog named Calamity.

8 years of memories. And thanks to my Mom’s suggestion and the help of Zillow… here it is. This is house I grew up in…. and although it’s difficult to determine if the actual structure is the same, there’s the playhouse in the lower right side of the yard.


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10/26/2006 at 4:01 am

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  1. Cool Geoff. Congrats on being able to find such a great gift. My best to your mom.

    On a related subject … I did a Google Earth of my old apartment complex in Medford and was able to see my car in the parking lot!


    10/30/2006 at 10:02 am

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