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I might not be popular for it but I’m back on my environmental soapbox, after watching “To Hot Not To Handle“, available for free download on iTunes. Many may think I’m some wacko granola crunchin’ hippie freak liberal, but that’s far from the truth. I’m just becoming more aware, more concerned, and more vocal.

To quote one of the people interviewed in this eye opening and inspiring film:

“It’s one thing when you don’t know the consequences, but to continue a behavior when you know that it’s damaging to you, and that it’d damaging to future generations, is inexcusable.”

My next car WILL be a hybrid. There’s nothing that could matter more to me in features or style then what my actions and choices do for our environment. I’m also printing out this list and putting it on the refridgerator at home. I encourage you to do the same. And I’m posting this and hoping that word will continue to spread until more changes can be effected through our actions.

  1. Do yourself a favor, and watch this. Go get it NOW and watch it.
  2. Do your friends a favor and encourage them to watch this as well. I’ll make it easy: click this link to send your friends this movie’s URL.
  3. Do the world a favor and ask your friends to pass it along, just like you’re about to do.

…Who knows… maybe we’ll approach critical mass in time.

I hate to throw out the cliché but in this case, I’m afraid it’s without a doubt; “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. It might not be pleasant, it might not be fun to face, it might be something you want to argue or scoff at, or set aside as something you can’t change, which would be the ultimate in ignorance and irresponsibility. You not only can and should be aware and making a change, it’s unthinkable to not do so.

Besides, the sand is so much hotter these days that you’ll burn your face by keeping your head in it. :-)


Written by gsm

10/11/2006 at 4:08 am

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  1. Glad you’re motivated and aware!

    A hybrid is a first step, but I’ve recently been reading a lot about “the high cost of free parking” and, by implication, how the mere act of driving everywhere (e.g. to work), even in a carpool (though that’s better), even with a zero-emmissions car (much better), forces our society to remain a servant of the car concept, with vast expanses of parking lot (and road) imposed upon our communities.

    Next time you are trying to walk somewhere, think how much nicer it would be if all the parking lots didn’t exist. Imagine they were either interesting shops or that they were parks or woods. Of course I’ve come to feel similarly about many lawns in CA. Extreme examples of parking lot wasteland can be easily found in the “industrial” park areas of our cities where sprawling low buildings are surrounded by even more-sprawling parking lots.

    We don’t *have* to live this way. We can start by removing the subsidies for cars and by refusing to drve solo to work (if any trip can be optimized to use shared transport; that’s the one).

    Have you optimized your commute beyond solo driving a hybrid past all those parking lots? Did you know there’s an express bus that runs on 280? Have you looked to see how much less driving it would take to get an insurance discount? If you moved, could you get closer to transit or within biking distance?

    We don’t have to do with “less,” but we are going to have to do with “different” if we’re going to move forward together. A hybrid that has to drive twice as far due to poor planning just isn’t worth its twice-as-good gas mileage.



    10/19/2006 at 1:10 pm

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