Marjoe (4 stars)

Marjoe imageThis Oscar-winning documentary explores the life of one-time child evangelist and faith healer Marjoe Gortner. The son of professional evangelists, Gortner was preaching on the Southern tent-revival circuit by the age of 3. Twenty-eight at the time of the film’s release, Gortner freely admits to being a scam artist — but still maintains a compelling charisma, possibly explaining his later career as an actor in B movies and in 1974’s Earthquake.

Geoff’s Comments: This was a fascinating (Academy Award Winning, actually) documentary in which the subject, Margoe Gortner, intentionally films his evangelical practices while he disclosed and exposes the fraud he and many others were. It provides an amazing study of how easily people who ‘want to believe’ something, will.

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09/03/2006 at 8:48 pm

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