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This refreshingly offbeat comedy puts love under the microscope. Newly divorced and wondering what the world now has to offer her, Rafi (Uma Thurman), a Manhattan businesswoman, is surprised at how quickly love finds her in the form of Dave (Bryan Greenberg), her polar opposite, an artist from Brooklyn. But is the situation as blissful as it seems to everyone around her, from her shrink (Meryl Streep) to her best pals?

Geoff’s Comments: OH MY GOD THIS WAS BAD! I can NOT believe the reviews were not merciless. I found the writing painfully trite, it dragged from start to finish, and WTF was Streep doing tossing her career on the line with this pitiful script? I am almost tempted to create a new ranking of ‘negative-zero’, in which the little movie man will be shown retching into his popcorn bucket. This was so bad I won’t even include the NetFlix link.

You know, it just had to be done… new icon added.


Written by gsm

06/04/2006 at 2:33 am

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